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Club Developments

Masterplan.- Report from the member’s forum held on 4 September 2014.

總體規劃 —— 2014年9月4日舉行之會員論壇報告


An introduction was provided by GC member Cameron Hestler, to set the context for the presentation by the Club’s architectural and planning consultant MAP. The growth of the Club’s membership, sail training and sailing event programme was outlined alongside the development of marine facilities including the hardstand and pontoon berthing system. Since the original lease was created, membership and boat storage facilities have increased approximately tenfold. Despite this demand, the Club has not, to date, been successful in obtaining a modification to the lease to extend the permitted limits of building within its lease area. 


是次會員論壇由執行委員會委員Cameron Hestler領導,並為稍後由遊艇會委託的建築及規劃顧問公司MAP的簡報作出簡介。於是次會員論壇上,勾劃了遊艇會的會員事務發展、帆船訓練、帆船活動,以及海事設施發展,包括岸上和浮橋泊位系統等。自從最初的契約訂立以來,會員和存放船隻的設施大幅增加了約十倍。儘管本會對於土地供應上有極大的需求,但遊艇會至今仍未能成功爭取到修改契約條款,以擴展租賃區域內建築的允許範圍。


Why do we need a Lease Modification?

Over the last 50 years all of our vital statistics have changed:

  • Fire Services Launch
  • Car Park 40 Spaces
  • Fixed Crane
  • Hard Stand
  • Sailability Programme
  • 213 Swing Moorings
  • 175 Hardstand Boats
  • Play Area
  • 60 Berth Marina
  • Garden Bar
  • 1109 Members
  • Sail Training Centre
  • CLP Substation
  • 24 Hour Dinghy Race
  • Site 19796sm


With the advent of lease expiry in June 2012, the Club is again seeking to make the case for a modification to the permitted building area, to allow it to serve the needs of our members and the many outside groups that enjoy access to our facilities.


Changes to the assessment process accompanying lease modification now involve the Buildings Department and require in depth technical substantiation to show that plans will comply with various statutory provisions including things like emergency vehicular access and the retention or replacement of trees disturbed. Detailed plans are required and are circulated to many Government departments so that any objections can be flushed out at an early stage. There is also a community consultation process with neighbours and other stakeholders. This process relies also on policy support from HAB and in the Club’s case, the relevant policy relates to sports development and compliance with the “opening up” requirements for the private recreational lease or “PRL”.





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