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Environmentally Green

Hebe Haven Yacht Club  - The Chinese name for Hebe Haven is Pak Sha Wan which translates to 'white sand beach'. When Hebe Haven Yacht Club was established over 50 years ago in 1963, the sheltered bay was indeed fringed by clean white sand beaches moving some of the founding members to describe the area as "Hebe Heaven!" In those early days and even now, the crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches are an attractive escape from the city.

A few people started buying a mixture of boats, sampans, sailing junks, pilot cutters and old fishing boats which they anchored in the bay for use at weekends and soon the number of boating enthusiasts grew steadily. It was then they decided to form the Club at this wonderfully situated location. Fortunately, the waters and beaches around Hebe Haven remain some of the cleanest and least polluted in Hong Kong and the Club plays its part in this by arranging an annual "Clean Pak Sha Wan Day" to clean up the beaches and foreshores in the vicinity. Over the past three years some 30 tonnes of rubbish have been collected this way.  

The club's mission now is to maintain and even improve its surrounding environment, through educating both adult and junior members about environmental awareness. HHYC has a written an Environmental Policy Statement in which the Club commits to:


  • Consider environmental implications proactively during the operation of the Club's facilities and areas where the Club has authority
  • Prevent pollution and use resources effectively as part of the Club's business operations
  • Ensure that the Club operations are in full compliance with all applicable environmental legislations and other requirements to which the Club subscribes related to the environmental aspects
  • Promote environmental awareness amongst the Club's members and
  • Provide the Club's staff with appropriate resources, support and environmental training
  • HHYC will strive to continually improve the performance and effectiveness of its environmental management system. This will be monitored regularly and the Club's performance against identified objectives and targets will be reviewed and published in the annual report.

HHYC entrusts this policy to all its members and staff and looks to their support in making this policy truly effective.

Please click below link to view our "Operational Best Practices at Slipway and Other Boat Repair and Maintenance Facilities"


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