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Pleasure Vessel Operators Licence

Pleasure Vessel Operators Licence - Grade 2



Hebe Haven Yacht Club recommends that those wishing to obtain a PVOL Grade 2 (previously Masters & Engineers Certificate of Competency) to operate pleasure vessels in Hong Kong Waters to take the course offered by the Hong Kong Sailing Federation. The HKSF, has an alternative to the Marine Department's Grade II Pleasure Vessel Local Certificate of Competency. Candidates who have satisfactorily completed the Hong Kong Sailing Federation’s Pleasure Vessel Operators Licence Grade 2 (PVOL 2) Course, and have passed the course assessment, are eligible for the issue of a Pleasure Vessel Operator Grade 2 Certificate.

The advantages of the HKSF course are:

• An internally set examination (where the questions are clearly stated and relate to the syllabus). 

• The syllabus is more boat operator focused and practical.

Note: Good command of English in understanding, reading and writing is required.



HKSF PVOL Grade 2:

Age: 18+ years of age
Course Rate: Members & Non-Members HK$5,400

Course Structure: Click Here!

Student Guidelines: Click Here! (Please read before applying)

Course Dates & Details: Click Here! (External: HKSF Website)



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