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Monsoon Series 2017 - 2018

Monsoon Series 2017 - 2018

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In conjunction with Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, we are pleased to continue with the Monsoon Series 2017-2018.

The Monsoon Winter Series 2017 and Monsoon Spring Series 2018 have been combined with the Monsoon Spring Cup 2018 (formerly the RHKYC Spring Cup), to constitute the Monsoon Series.

The Monsoon Series will have additional prizes for results across these Port Shelter races, as well as prizes awarded for each of the three individual events.

In response to popular demand, more island courses are scheduled for the series.


All boats that sail in any or all of the races of the series comprising the Monsoon Series shall be automatically entered into the Monsoon Series.

There is no formal entry procedure and no entry fee for the Monsoon Series other than those for the individual events detailed in item 3 of the Notice of Race (NoR).

Please make the individual entry to the below Constituent Event(s) instead of using the entry form of this page.


The Constituent Events Are:

The Golden World Monsoon Winter Series 2017 (HHYC)

Sam Miguel Monsoon Spring Series 2018 (HHYC)

Monsoon Spring Cup 2018 (RHKYC)

NOR is ready


Provisional Results (Cox-Sprague Scoring System):

Provisional Overall Results for Monsoon Series 2017-18 (Cox-Sprague) dated 2018-5-5


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