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Associate Membership

An Associate member shall be aged 21 or over and under 31. An Associate Membership shall expire upon such member reaching the age of 31. 

Age Group: 25 - 30 years 21 - 24 years
Entrance Fee: $39,930 $19,965
Subscription Fee: $917 $611
Building Levy: $100 $100

An Associate member shall be entitled to become a Senior Associate member upon payment of the balance of the entrance fee that applies from time to time to Senior Associate Membership at any time up to the age of 30 years or, upon reaching the age of 31 years.

An Associate member may apply to be a Full member so long as they have been an Associate member for not less than two years. Such a member will be required to pay an entrance fee, calculated by reducing the Senior Associate Membership entrance fee by one tenth for each full year the member has been an Associate Member. 

Not permitted to hire marina berths, moorings or hardstands (except dinghy slot).

May not become an Absent Member.

No voting rights.

Age Group: 25 - 30 years 21 - 24 years
10% Deposit on application $3,993 $1,997
25% Upon acceptance of membership $9,983 $4,991
35% Six months after joining  $13,976 $6,988
35% Further six months later $13,976 $6,988
Total 105% (With 5% Administration charges) $41,928 $20,964

For further information, please contact our Membership Manager via phone 2719 9682 or e-mail: membership@hhyc.org.hk.


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